Love the DIY


Working with your hands and creating something is a really good feeling. When your skills reach the level of “good enough” there is even creativity involved. I have been working with wood and projects around the house since I was a little kid. My father, who worked at Chevrolet, taught me about cars, wood working, and general home maintenance. It stuck.

As a woman, I hear a lot of comments about “you did that?” or “did someone help you?” It isn’t as common as you think, being a woman and being competent with tools. Of course, it is not new that people judge me as a woman in a profession. I’ve worked in IT for nearly 30 years – there were many along the way that judged me because of my sex instead of my capabilities.

I have posted so many of my projects on Facebook. But I’ve grown tired of the relentless tracking of everything we do. So I’ve decided to move my projects here where I can post what I do without worrying about the endless advertisements.

If you should happen along and find this website. I hope you enjoy the projects.

All my best,